About us

Pet parents, do everything possible to care for our lovely kids. From our experience, it is not an easy job. It needs time, effort, money, and sometimes it is stressful or even frustrating. So we decided to establish PetSala to introduce intelligent products that make pet raising fun rather than a burden.

We introduce solutions to our lovely pets to experience complete joy and help parents raise their pets happy. We select the best innovative products from reliable suppliers with high quality and competitive prices. We are committed to the best quality, price, shipping, product return, and customer service.

Social Responsibility is at the top of our priorities. So we donate 10% of each purchase you make - at no additional cost to you - to kids needing to buy school stuff, clothes, shoes, or even raise their dream pet. Thank you!

We developed a new blog to share professional expertise and your personal experience about raising a pet healthily and joyfully for both parents and pets. Our blog posts are not for business purposes but for the Pet Parents Community. We believe this platform is an excellent opportunity to share your experience with others.

Our mission is to share love, care, and joy. 

PetSala Team