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Deep Sleep Couch Pillow

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Treat Your Furry Kid, Save Your Furniture - a Win-Win?

We are introducing our latest creation - Deep Sleep Couch Pillow. It was designed by our pet lovers who are devoted to them, and this is one of the most important reasons the product is made of the premium bolster that supports the pet's neck and relieves joint pain. Projected with a premium faux fur exterior and polished with a prime non-slip and water-resistant base. You can use it on the floor, couch, bed, or car.

The Saver of Couches - Let's be real - nobody likes scratched or bitten sofas or beds. Hair or stains? Even worse. This is where Deep Sleep Couch Pillow comes into play—featuring a water-resistant bottom layer that will prevent unfortunate stains. At the same time, a cozy bolstered place will become a new go-to spot when sleeping next to you, preventing any unnecessary mess wherever you place it.

Comfort & Looks - Generously filled outer bolster (pillow) provides excellent support and opportunities for nestling and feeling safe. Unlike other furniture covers,  DeepSleep Couch Pillow will not only fit but complement your home decor.

Joint Support - The raised rim creates a sense of security (just like the hug of a mother) and activates the nervous system in such a way that allows your fur kids to calm down faster, relax more effortlessly, and sleep more soundly.

Ultra-Soft Material & Non-Slip Bottom - Cozy, flexible, and finished with faux fur, our self-warming bed is reminiscent of a mother's fur coat! It seems like sleeping on a cloud (at least that what dogs look like sleeping on it ??). It also features a non-slip bottom, so it stays in place wherever you place it.

Easy to Clean - You can throw it directly in the washing machine! A dog picks up a lot of muckiness through the day, and much of it goes with them back to their beds, so it's really important that your dog's bed is fully machine washable.