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Cat Amusement Tower

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 Cat Amusement Plate Toy 

Keep your lovely cat busy, entertained, and smart 

  • 4 Levels Pet Cat Toy Turntable Training Kitten Tower Tracks Disc Cats Intelligence Rotating Amusement Plate 
  • The bottom of the non-slip funny cat tray is designed with four non-slip pads; how can friction prevent the cat from rolling
  • PP plastic is non-toxic and non-polluting; cats can play directly and are super practical! Not afraid of the destruction of the furniture at home
  • Detachable design. Each layer can be disassembled and assembled, easy to use and easy to clean
  • Four-layer design, four-colour balls ensure the playability of the funny cat plate, four small balls of different colours, one is tired of playing the next layer
  • The top of the turntable can be inserted into a small hole for the cat.