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Grooming Mesh / 2 Pcs

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No more scratches, bites, resistance & chaos
Cat daily bathing, nail cutting, ear cleaning, anti-bite and anti-scratch
Adjustable Cat Grooming Shower Bag: Suitable for small and medium pet cat cleaning, easy to use, to ensure the safety of cat bathing, trimming, feeding, pet supplies, and pet grooming accessories.
High Quality: The cat bath bag is designed with a drawstring, which is convenient for your cat to enter and exit. It is convenient for you to adjust the tightness, scratch-resistant, bite-resistant, durable; good air permeability, easy to drain and dry, make your cat feel very comfortable and Relaxed.
Easy to Use: Simple operation. It can help your cat take a bath easily at home, and take the cat to the pet salon without spending extra money.
Take Care of Pets: Cat bath bags are suitable for bathing, trimming nails, taking medicine, cleaning teeth and ears, eye drops, examinations, and injections. It is easy to take care of your cats or small and medium-sized dogs in many ways.
Operation Method: Open the opening and put the cat in the grooming bag; tighten the elastic band and close the opening; open the head opening to expose the cat's head; start grooming and bathing the pet.
  • The cat headgear comes with Velcro. Its size can be adjusted at will.
  • Adopting a mesh design, the car headgear is breathable.
  • The mesh design can be directly coated with shower gel for washing, or it can be used to blow-dry the hair.
  • The cat headgear adopts mouth opening design. It is convenient for pets to vent their breath.
  • Made of high-quality polyester, this cat headgear is soft, comfortable and skin-friendly.