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Meowlover Treat / 2Pcs

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  • Natural and Unique Design – Catnip, Silvervine and Gall Nut is 100% natural, organic and safe. The uniquely designed catnip toy is adhered to the wall and uses strong double-sided adhesive to easily attach to any surface.
  • Protection for Gingival – Catnip, silvervine and gall nut all can effectively eliminate dental tartar, clear off fetid breath and protect oral health so as to get you and your pets closer.
  • Better Digestion and Easy Feeding Method – Catnip can promote intestinal peristalsis to improve digestion and keep pets healthy. Each snack ball is not fixed, it can be rotated up and down. Best gift to your lovely pet!
  • High Potency - For 80% types of cats, kittens and adults. High potency ensures that your cats will love it. Your cat will be strongly attracted by it, reactions like chewing, rubbing, licking, rolling, running, purring and extreme cuteness.
  • Fish glue is mainly composed of high collagen protein and is rich in vitamins, calcium, zinc, iron, selenium and other trace elements.
  • By licking sugar, a cat can increase the amount of water drink.
  • Good palatability, with fish glue, can help improve the cat's urinary system.
  • The sticker at the bottom allows you to place the ball anywhere, such as the floor, wall or cat nest.
  • There is a transparent cover that can be covered when you no longer use it, safety and health.
  • Ingredient: Catnip + Fish Glue
  • Size: 3 X 3cm/1.18 X 1.18"
  • Color: Random
  • The unopened shelf life is 18 months;
  • Store them in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight for better use;
  • Control the cat's eating time, do not let them eat too much for a time;
  • Cover the lid when not in use to prevent loss of taste;
  • Use it as soon as possible after opening