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Pet Paw Cleaner

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Comfort & Clean 
Tired of your dog or cat fussing around as you try to clean his or her paws after a walk outside? Relieve your pet’s stress with our Soft Pet Paw Cleaner, thanks to soft interior silicone bristles. Baby wipes and mountains of towels are not required.
Mini Massage
Each cleaner’s soft silicone bristles not only help clean but also provide delicate pet feet with a gentle massage. Your pet will love the seconds of relaxing bliss with zero pain.
Great for Dogs and Cats
Soft silicone bristles mean cleaning that doesn’t hurt or scare
  • It’s easy to take anywhere.
  • Great gift idea for pet owners and lovers alike
  • A built-in lid at the cleaner opening provides better storage and cleanliness
  • Clean up your pet’s paws in seconds while providing a gentle bristle massage
  • A clean pet is a healthy pet