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Portable Pet Water Bottle 300ml

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Convenient to go
Taking your dog or cat out for a walk in the mountains or canyon? Make sure he or she has his/her own water because constant hydration is crucial. You’ve gotta pour out water to make sure your pet drinks safely without choking or coughing. So make way for our Portable Pet Water Bottle, a lightweight and easy water-dispensing bottle that holds up to 300 ml.
Controlled button-release
A press-and-hold button smartly dispenses water into the feeder spoon for on-demand hydration, whether you’re laying out at the beach or up in the hills hiking. A silica-gel ring inside the feeder spoon prevents leakage of water, while the spout features a water-reserve suction that sucks excess water back into the bottle to prevent waste or drips and spills (just hold the dispenser button-down and tilt the water back toward the bottle spout). There is also a lock button to prevent accidental dispensing of water.
Built to last
Our Portable Pet Water Bottle is crafted from ABS plastic and polycarbonate that is lead-free, BPA-free, safe, and durable. The materials are all safe and non-toxic for your pet to drink from, and the bottle and feeder spoon clean easily with just liquid soap and water.